Thu. Dec 8th, 2022


The new Oxygen Plus smartphone from Oppositely is designed for hardcore and casual gamers alike. Designed with a unique dual camera set up, the OnePlus 9R promises to bring high performance and modern design to mobile devices of all types. Powered by the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 processor and the cutting-edge Adreno extension, the all new OnePlus 9R is engineered for ultimate performance and comfort. Every frame is sleekĀ  oneplus 9r and fast, delivering more than meets the eye.

Implemented with a powerful dual-core Adreno extension along with a custom imaging engine, the Oxygen Plus lets you enjoy quick photo and video calls, astounding web browsing speed, amazing music features and much more. With the all-new Oxygen Plus technology, users will enjoy an improved clarity and color accuracy across the board. From clear images to vibrant color patterns, the Oxygen Plus has it all. In addition to high-performance speed and power, the one feature that’s truly unique to the Oppositely brand is its in-display fingerprint scanner. No phone would be complete without one, which is why this smartphone carries a built-in fingerprint scanner to allow users to turn their phone into a mobile canvas.

Like the design of the smartphone, the display of the device is top notch as well. The large, 5.5-inch Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen of the OnePlus 9R makes everything easy to see. Users can easily browse through their email, check their messages and perform many other tasks thanks to its bright, vivid screen. The large screen makes it ideal for those who are looking for high-end performance. Even after years of using smartphones of other brands, the level of performance of the One device simply blow it out of the water.

The high-end hardware of the One device allows it to run a slew of apps, some of which you probably haven’t seen before. Users can download games, edit their pictures and videos, and even use different types of media players thanks to the dedicated media storage that comes as part of the oneplus 9r. The phone also features a large battery, which should be expected since it’s running a powerful processor. It lasts long enough to give you enough time to do whatever you want without worrying about the phone dying on you.

With a large battery life and powerful processor, the One devices offer all the power you would expect from a modern smartphone. You can count on it to last through a full day of work or entertainment thanks to its solid, durable construction. The One qualcomm isn’t the cheapest phone on the market, however. That title still goes to the iPhone 6s Plus, which costs less than half what the qualcomm unit will when discounted. In fact, the balance can be somewhat misleading. While the six-month contract with AT&T is expensive, it’s still much cheaper than the prices we saw in leaked trade papers.

Even though the One qualcomm snapdragon 870 might not have all the high-end power and speed of the iPhone 6s Plus or the LG G2, it’s a nice mid-range device that manages to combine a solid screen, a large screen, great build quality, and a wealth of features into a package that’s affordable, too. For those with an eye for design, this could be the phone to go with. The power button, volume rocker, camera buttons, home key, and fingerprint scanner are all easy to use and work well.

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